África Negra

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África Negra is a band from São Tomé and Príncipe.

Also known as


1974 - present


São-Tomé-Rumba, Super Mama Djombo (?)

Years active


  • João Seria (vocals)
  • Emídio Vaz (lead guitar)
  • Leonildo Barros (rhythm guitar)
  • Albertino (bass)
  • Emidio Pontes
  • and others

Cassettes from África Negra


  • África Negra: o conjunto de São Tomé e Príncipe e de todos on Bantumen, January 2019
  • Africa Negra on earthbeat, 2020 (?)
  • África Negra : le groupe fétiche de São Tomé aura bientôt son anthologie in PAM, February 2022
  • A lot of information about the group collected and compiled by Achim Lewandowski (in German)
  • Graham, Ronnie. 1992. The World of African Music. Stern's Guide to Contemporary African Music, Volume Two. London: Pluto Press. p. 140.